The AT&T 3B2 Software Archive

This is an archive of software for the AT&T 3B2 series of computers.

Diskette images are straight sector-by-sector copies of original floppy disks. If you wish to write them to physical diskettes again, you can use the dd utility in UNIX or Linux, or the ImageDisk utility in DOS.

Physically, diskettes are double-sided, 80 track, 96 tpi DS/DD media using 250kbps MFM enoding, 9 sectors per track, with 3:1 interleave.

DMD (i.e. AT&T “Blit” 5620 terminal) utilities
Development tools (assembler, C, tools)
Documenter’s Workbench Release 2.0
Maintenance & Diagnostic Utilities, and Disk Formatters
Miscellaneous Disk Images
SCSI Drivers and Utilities
AT&T Source Code Provision Cartridge Tape Images
Core SVR 2.0.5 installation diskettes
Core SVR 3.0 installation diskettes
Core SVR 3.1 installation diskettes
Core SVR 3.2 installation diskettes
Ethernet driver and Wollongong WIN3B TCP/IP software
Completely un-sorted backlog (warning, lots of duplicates!)
Writer's Workbench Software Release 3.0